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  • Established on 2018 with the name De KopInang Koffie Winkel after wrote the book of Bulir Merah Merapi with LKPS. The book tells about the journey of Coffee Plantation in Boyolali. 
  • Reformed into an Micro enterprise on 2021 
  • Focus on building smart coffee plantation and smart coffee ecosystem. 
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders ; coffee farmers, government, academic, and also media

I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community.

Howard Schultz
Our Story

After a long journey, Kopinang managed to bring Boyolali Arabica Coffee to Germany. It’s not easy to be there, Kopinang has to learn a lot so that the expected quality of coffee is in line with the coffee market in Germany.

In March 2021, 500 kg of Boyolali Arabica was sent to Germany. Many people do not think that Boyolali has the potential of coffee, Kopinang introduced through several webinars and zooms about Boyolali coffee until finally he got the opportunity to send Boyolali coffee to Germany.

Of course this has a positive impact on coffee farmers in Boyolali. Not giving up on every challenge faced is one of the efforts that Kopinang continues to make to this day. One thing that is certain is that Indonesian Coffee will return to its former glory in the coffee world.

Our purpose


Become a smart coffee ecosystem


Developing smart coffee ecosystem, providing the best service to be competitive in domestic and international marke

Our products

Our Products

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EXW $ 4-11 | FOB $ 5-13

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EXW $ 1,75-9 | FOB $ 1,95-9,25

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EXW $ 2,5-9,25 | FOB $ 2,77-9,67

Retail Products

Bottle of Palm Sugar Milk Coffee

Coffee Powder

Coffee Sachet

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